Bassmike Newbie
Mar 8, 2020
New to the site. Shopping a reliable head unit for my E350 Super Duty.
Vehicle came with a 12yo Pioneer AVIX X940BT 6.2". Where my car audio guy was able to sync it w my Android Galaxy,
giving me hands free/ Pandora/DVDCD play, backup cam etc. As might be expected it's having issues w unresponsive touch screen, can only hold three bluetooth phones and now doesn't recognize mine and settings to delete previous phones is grey'd
so can't access bluetooth settings... my guy shaking his head says apparently it's time for a new head unit.
My guy maintains Pioneer is best over Kenwood (maybe he's just experienced w Pioneer). At any rate, I was looking at the
AVIC-W8500NEX 7" as I want a larger 7" screen, bluetooth, HD radio (local AMFM are worthless), Pandora, Navigation,
DVD and possibly Android Mirror.
I'm new also to the "dark world" of what car audio has evolved into and don't need as many
features as even this unit might provide and am VERY leary on "motorized touch screens"- another factor to fail later.
1) If I stick with the suggested Pioneer brand, am I stuck with the motorized screen in order to get 7" display?
2) I'm reading the 8500 has had some reboot issues. Low tolerance for failure related drama at this price point.
I just want a reliable unit with the afore mentioned capabilities that won't send me into repeated anxiety attacks.
I'm an audio engineer and don't have time to make shopping for car stereo, my second job. Suggestions welcome or redirect.
Thanks much.

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