Rockford Fosgate DSR1 with a JBL DSP4086 Combo Install

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Hello Everyone, I wonder if anyone has installed a DSR1 with a DSP4086 8 Channel Amp? My car is a 2017 Mustang GT Premium with Kicker 47KSC3504's in the upper doors, 47KSC6704's in the lower doors and a Pioneer TS-A2000LD2 8" sub in the factory sub box. The center channel and A pillar tweeters are stock. My idea for this install is to send a flat signal from the stock head unit to the DSR1 and then send a flat signal to the DSP4086 amp. I will use the DSP in the 8 x 40 watt channel amp to dial in all the speakers and sub. The DSR1 will give me a seamless install with all the necessary matching connectors to integrate with the factory wiring. It will also allow me to keep all the features of the factory system for Bluetooth and Navigation. The computer interface of the DSP4086 should give me all I need to tune the system perfectly. I plan to send a 16 gauge speaker wire to the Sub and wire it in 4 Ohm for better response. My cart for this install totals $892.

Question - The midrange upper door Kicker speakers share the same speaker feed from the factory wire harness with the A pillar tweeters. Do I use a Tweeter or Midrange selection for the upper front speakers in the DSP? I can use the Woofer selection for the lower door speakers in the DSP.
Mustang Factory Speaker Wiring.png

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