Radio not showing display after car battery died... (Pioneer MVH S300BT

JimmyD558 Newbie
Apr 10, 2020
Hey guys,

So i have been stupid to keep my lights on when i parked the car so my car battery died..

The radio was working before that.

When the car battery got fixed again, the radio didnt work anymore. I thought it would take a while due low car battery.

So about 2 days i waited but still no display or anything. I took out the radio to see if the fuse is okay, It was still good.

I tried my standard car radio which is build in from factory and that still works. So it cant be the fuse in the car.
Also the MVH S300 BT Pioneer doesnt have anti theft.

I would really appreciate someones help


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Aug 22, 2006
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Low voltage may of fried the radio .

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