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negolien Elite
May 2, 2014
Hey All,

Just wanted to throw down a quick review. I have had work done at multiple places over the years, Fry's, Rolling Audio, Car Audio innovations. I will rate them below then dig into the Pro Tech review.

Fry's very good install on a dual box and sub amp and Clifford 2 way alarm. Price was about middle to high end of the road but I was a little shocked at the quality of the work. I thought it was very well done as that is alot of work to put that in a stock car and do a good job.

Rolling Audio was ok I had Neil put in some SoundStream Bi-Amplified 6x9's. Tried to get ahold of him for a recent install but was unable to so I went somewhere else.

Car Audio Innovations.....Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS head Unit install requiring some dash brace cutting for depth and notching of the dash kit to make room for the folding 7" display. I also had them Install some Stinger expert deadener. Not very detail oriented as they installed a pac unit that didn't power my stock amp and bi-amped 6x9's. Then they tried to tell me oh they are working as normal. Yeah sure bud whatever you say. Not like I would know how my own car audio sounds lol. Hell just turned off the sub and you can hear 0 mids out of a bi-mped pair of 6x9's Deadener was over $300 for the trunk and they did an ok job though the side were a little pathetic. They could have used another 10 sq feet of deadener according to friends that have done their car which is same as mine. I would say overall the work was mediocre for the price cause they ain't cheap.

Now to the Pro Tech review. I didn't realize it at the time but the appointment was for the day after the 4th of July. Ryan showed up on time and smiling. Nice to see someone who enjoys their work and is on time. He re-ran my power cable from Monster 300 4 gauge to OFC 0 gauge along with a 2 way digital distribution block. I figured if I had to install another amp to power the 6x9's (thanks again CAI) I might as well build in some headroom for upgrades. I didn't get crap cable either. I got some Sky High o gauge OFC from Mylows (thanks again bud) needless to say it was a battle to wrestle that big mamba into place lol. He stuck to the quoted price even though it took him a bit longer than he anticipated. I liked the fact that he used a loom to run my wire thru making it blend into the engine bay. He tied down the wire with clips and zip ties making it look really good. You would be hard pressed to find it without the Inline fuse giving it away I think. Overall I was happy with the work although a small shop it's nice to see someone who's hungry for work and doesn't take customers for granted. I will be going back next week to have the 4 channel Excelon amp, Kappa 693.11i's installed and hooking up the stock 4x6's to the same amp.


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