Pioneer Shallow or Sundown SD-3 10

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Okay so I searched and I have seen mixed feelings.

So I am wondering if it be worth switching to Sundown from Pioneer 2x8in subs to a 12 in.

I am happy with my dual 8 pioneers but I want a little more pounding feeling it in my chest though not sacrifice SQ. So I was told by local shop I can get as 12in shallow sub and a 10in shallow sub. Reason being is I want cargo room and stealth look. So the 10 pioneer would go in the Bmw X5 E53 stealth box. and the 12 would go where the spare tire is. Note the spare tire is still in there just inverted to allow room for box. Shop said both the 10 and 12 shallow pioneer have the same specs and frequencies so no risk of cancelation.

Pioneer TS-SW3002S4

Size 12"

Max. Music Power (Nominal) 1,500W (400W)

Frequency Response 20 Hz - 125 Hz

Sensitivity (IN CAR, INPUT: 1W) 93 dB

Impedance Single 4 Ohms

Mounting Depth 3-3/8"

Cut-Out Dimensions 11-3/4"

Recommended Enclosure 0.50 - 1.00 cu. ft.

Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

Size 10"

Max. Music Power (Nominal) 1,200 W (300 W)

Frequency Response 20 Hz to 125 Hz

Sensitivity (IN CAR, INPUT: 1W) 91 dB

Impedance Single 4 Ohms

Mounting Depth 3-1/8"

Cut-Out Dimensions 9-3/4"

Recommended Enclosure 0.35 - 0.70 cu. ft.

I asked the shops around my area Orange County, CA and they all say sundown ***** stick with Alpine or JL or worst kicker. I swear OC is monopolized by Kicker but I don't like kicker Though I read the forums and people speak highly about them and RE and DC.

Thing to note is that I need a sub under 128mm in depth roughly 5inches to fit. So that leaves me with Sundown SD-3 D2/D4 10's.

So my question is do these so justify the price tag of 199 for one 10 in such or for 200 get the pioneers?

Sundown SD-3 10inch I would get 2 for now just one since they are 2 bills.

Sundown SD-3 10 D2

RE (ohms) 7.00 ohms 3.72 ohms

FS (Hz) 25.5 Hz 25.7 Hz

Vas (L) 39.3 L 35.5 L

Qes 0.50 0.49

Qms 3.53 3.12

Qts 0.43 0.42

BL (NA) 18.57 NA 14.28 NA

Mms (Grams) 152 g 165 g

Cms (uM/N) 260 uM/N 230 uM/N

Sens (1w/1m) 83.1 dB 82.9 dB

They will go in a BMW x5 E53.

have you heard those models? used them? or is this just your opinion?

Also I am not stuck on Sundown just seems they fit the 5 inch depth. I will not get the Alpine Shallow type R. I have heard many horror stories of bad QC in them.

I have heard both, although not in my own car...the pioneers, and most shallows, are underhelming. Ive been more impressed by the kicker, i think its the cvt, than the pioneers.. The sundown will sound much better, and offer more output.

okay Well sundown and I guess the only way to know for sure about the SQ is to get one and see how well it performs.

Yeah not a fan of kicker at all. Don't like how they sound or look. Although the L7's are insane though SQ blows.

Music I listen to is dub step, Euro stuff, EBM, German New wave, Synthpop, Rock, and r&b, some rap rare but some.

thx for your response and let see who else response. I will wait until Monday before I pull the trigger on the sundowns.

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