Pioneer DEH-P2600 or Clarion ProAudio DXZ445?

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Crutchfield comparison chart is here:

Upgrading from an Aiwa CDC-X217 (CD player is broken, mainly just a replacement, not a major quality upgrade).

If I go with the Pioneer, I need to get a $35 aux. input adapter as well, putting the price above the Clarion (keep in mind I'll be grabbing everything from eBay so knock all the prices down a bit. Also, if anyone knows even better prices on either of these, let me know!).

I'm not going to be getting XM or Sirius, so that doesn't matter.

Driving Infinity Kappa 462.5CFP 4x6 plates in the back and (probably) Kappa 60.5CS components in the front. Preamp goes to a Phoenix Gold Tantrum 300.2 pushing a pair of JL Audio 10W3 subs.

The Clarion will match my blue interior lighting scheme better. //

I'm not going for a competition setup or anything here, just good sound. I have no complaints with my current head unit except that it doesn't like to play CDs 95% of the time (good job Aiwa). Most of the music I listen to comes through my iPod though, which is the reason for the aux. input.

Comments and suggestions are REQUESTED! =) As well as brand or model horror/wonder stories. Ordering this week and putting everything in (head unit and front speakers with custom mounts) as well before the end of the month if possible.

Also, if anybody has an altogether different head unit to suggest, I'm open...though I want to stay around $150 or less if possible. Important features I need: CD player, rear (or optional) aux. input, strong amp (driving all midranges and highs by itself), and a blue light color scheme would be cool (but not necessary).

Thank you!

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