Pioneer AVH-4500NEX Hey Google (Android s21)

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That's the only thing the mike picks up nothing else.
Will not acknowledge commands, reply to messages or phone calls
I assume it is working as "Hey Google" works every time but after that nothing.
It is getting the "Hey Google" from the mic not the phone

I have checked all permissions on the head unit and phone including Google and every one says "Mic > Only when using this app" I do not have an mic always on option.

On the head unit home screen there is a mic icon in the bottom right corner of the screen but it does nothing when pressed as well as the VU on the right is not showing it is picking up anything.

I am sure I have missed something but I have worked on this for hours and am lost at what to try next.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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I had that issue when I had that radio also, ended up being the mic not being connected cause the wire got cut. Make sure you got it plugged into the right port.