Pioneer 6220BS Bridged Subwoofer into the Rears of The Amp Use the Sub Woofer RCA's or the Rear's?

Grzldvt Newbie
Many moons ago I was heavy into Car Audio Systems(Iasca stuff) but a ton of things have me removed and knowledge forgotten so I need a refresh.
I bought a Pioneeer DEH-6220 and installed it. NO REAR SPEAKERS, as I think they just confuse the soundstage. I have the rear channels on the HU bridged on the amp and that feeds the subwoofers.
When I listen to the subs they are barely working
This HU is completely different from the JVC that was in there BUT, my question is do I take the RCA's and put them into the rears which is a full signal to feed the bridged input, and let the amp separate the lows and highs or do I connect to the HU to the Sub RCA's at the back of the HU and let the HU make the decision?
Bottom line - RCA's in the Rear output to a bridged amp and the theAmp separate the lows/highs?
OR RCA's in the Subwoofer RCA Output and let the HU distinguish the lows/highs?

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