New to me car with aftermarket system... Questions/Problem


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Apr 6, 2018
Hey all thanks in advance for anyone that can give me any input and sorry if it gets a little long winded..

Took ownership of a heavily modified 2005 c6 corvette... 900Hp // Which is all good and dandy but upon turning the audio up with any amount of bass there is some pretty heavy distortion/popping/clipping... im not quite sure what the proper term is. but it sounded pretty horrible. Highs are fine and with bass levels completely down little/no distortion.

I figured the previous owner cheaped out on the system install and just did a head unit and left garbage in it for speakers. Today i had the day off and tore into her. All has been upgraded at some point to my surprise... I found JL C2-690tx and C2-350X in each door, C2-525X on both sides in the rear, powered with a kenwood excelon XR900-5 amp, coupled to a Pioneer AVH-P8400BH HU...

So what do you guys think? Im no audio component expert. Are the speakers shot? not enough power, too much power? possible bad setup on amp?

Thanks again!


bigblank69 Elite
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Oct 22, 2006
Eureka, MO
Check the speakers and make sure they midbass hasn't been blown. Worse comes to worse replace the speakers, add a sub and send it.


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