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Fleetwood271 Newbie
Aug 18, 2019
I have a 1969 Ford F100 truck. I bought a Custom Autosound USA-740 receiver. I wanted a classic look with modern features. Since there is no good place to put speakers in these old trucks, I replaced the headliner with a ABS headliner which has speaker openings for 4 1/2" speakers. Knowing I would not get decent bass out of these little speakers I also bought a JBL Bass Pro SL 8" Under Seat Enclosed Subwoofer, hoping it would help even out the sound. The speakers are not connected to the subwoofer at all. The speaker wires go directly from the receiver to the speakers. The subwoofer is connnected to the receiver with RCA cables.
Here is the problem: When I fade to the front speakers, they have lots of bass and sound great. But when faded to the rear speakers, there is absolutely no bass at all. The rear speakers are very low volume with no ow sound at all. I checked the polarity and it made no difference. I changed speakers and it made no difference. I even tried another set of speakers - No change.
Could the receiver be bad?
It's like the sub is providing extra bass tothe front speakers, but not to the rear.
Any help would be appreciated.

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