Need help with an LOC install on my 2017 Dodge Journey GT with Alpine System

jrbmsu Newbie
Mar 9, 2019
Greetings all.  I am an avid diy car stereo installer.  I have installed about 5 systems in my past cars with aftermarket Stereos.  I just bought a 2017 Dodge Journey GT with the 6 speaker alpine audio system.  I want to keep this car stock, but I want to transfer my 12" Kicker sub and amp from my Chrysler 200 (had best Buy install an LOC in that) to my Journey.  I want to take a crack at installing it myself.  The help I need is a few things if anyone has any answers.

1.  What color wires go to the sub? Is there only one set of wires? 

2. Where is the factory Amp?  Is it better to tie in to it before the Amp or after?  I want to tie in after that amp so I can keep the volume the same as the rest of the car.

3.  Where do the wires run? (along drivers side floor, along trim by doors?)

4.  Being there is only one sub do I need to only run one set of wires off that sub and split that into two for a dual voice coil sub?

5. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for that system and car?

Sorry for all the questions just want to cover all my bases.  I bought a Line out converter, Amp install kit.  Like I said I have installed amp kits, before just never installed an LOC.  Any and all information you can give me to help me out would be awesome.  Thanks all for the help.


Talontsi90 VIP
Mar 14, 2019
Watch this and then search their videos for Dodges, youll need a smart harness.

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