Need help on starting build project for fiberglass ported enclosure in the DFW area

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Aug 9, 2002
Allen, Texas
Hey guys,

I am looking to build my first fiberglass box, but I have absolutely no experience in fiberglass. I am looking to create the bottom in fiberglass to contour the floor underneath the seats of my NBS 2008 Sierra.

The rest of the box would be made out of wood. I have built about 20 or more boxes when I was a teenager so its been a while since I have built a box in general.

All I need help on is the first initial part. I am not asking for someone to help build the entire enclosure. I need help on the following:

Materials needed (Specific)

Molding the resin


Marrying the fiberglass bottom to the side pieces of the wood.

I can do the rest like building the box, sanding, painting or carpeting, wiring, configuring, tuning, etc...

I have a garage and have some power tools so it can be done at my house. I'll help out with gas. If you have a great wood working shop, then I can drive to your place.

I'll be willing to compensate for your time. I'm not looking to take up most of your day or anything like that. Just a 2-3 hours. Just need help getting started. Once we get the first layer of fiberglass laid, then I can handle the rest.

I live in Allen.

I am looking to do something like this. This was posted on the board by a fellow member.

I want to make the front fascia removable as I may go from these new 12's I got that I havent even opened the boxes up yet; two TC Sounds LMS-R 12's. I havent heard back yet on the minimum, optimal, and maximinum ported box requirements yet. If I can get them to fit, then I will throw them in there and see if I like them. If doesnt achieve that sound I am looking for, then I want to change it to four SA-8's Version 2's ported to 30hz also.

However if I figure out for sure that I cannot do the LMS-R 12's, I would do the 8's. Then I would like to do a front fascia like this. Again, posted from another member on this board. I admire his build work also.

If I can atleast just get the fleece stretched and have it set up, I can handle the rest if I decide to do a front fascia like this.

I know its a long post, but like I said, I am just looking for someone to atleast talk to, maybe set me up so I can get this started and then I will take over from there and finish the project. Im not looking to take up too much of your time. Just need someone here for a couple hours to help get me started and show me how to do the mold, resin, first layer of fiberglass, etc... just the initial stuff.

And again, I will compensate for your gas and your time.

Please help me get over this fiberglass phobia I have been avoiding for a while. I want to get over this hump. Thanks!



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Oct 9, 2012
North Texas
I know this is an older thread but, my recommendation would be to start with the wood frame before glassing the bottom. That way you can marry it all together in one shot. Don't do it in two pieces because the bottom will eventually break off. That rattle will drive you crazy!!! Once you get the first layer in, remove the whole thing and reinforce with more fiberglass. This way your truck gets some time to air out. Once you are done with the box (sealed and structurally sound) you can make all the facia pieces you need. Hope this helps.


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