Need help matching up some subs for my new project

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Aug 6, 2019
Michigan, USA
Alright so I got a little 98 mazda 626 as a commuter. I just started getting into car audio more seriously this last year when I decked out my fiancees commuter. The guy that had this before me installed a polk DB6501 component set in the car. Did a horrible job, nothing is mounted right and he just let the crossovers hang around by the wires in the door, somewhere along the line the driver side component froze up and is junk. He had DB692's in the rear and they actually sound pretty damn good getting fed 100 RMS each. I decided the front needs to go and I need to get some subs in the rear while I am at it. I plan on replacing the front with another component set since there are already cutouts for the tweeters, and this brings me to the point: I need the genius and expertise of all you veteran car audio guys to help me out here.

For the subs, I'm probably getting a ported or bandpass enclosure, I am more interested in SPL than SQ. The amp I have for this is a monoblock that handles around 600 watts RMS at 1% THD, this is at 2 Ohms. I already have a large Deep Cycle battery in the back. So if we are talking just about the cost of the subwoofers here, for around 200 dollars what single or dual sub(s) would you all recommend? I'm not picky just want a reliable true to it's RMS rating sub that won't blow when fed 600 clean watts. 12 inch to 18 inch is fine by me. I would consider 10 inch subs but I don't see them producing the same SPL as the subs with more cone area, but again I'm the new kid on the block and I don't have experience with many setups.

Thanks in advance for the patient people who deal with my eccentricity!

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