[Need Help] Building New Sound System

Broady Eyer

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Jan 19, 2019
2015 Nissan Altima SV NO Bose only the stock speakers (I already have a Pioneer GM-D8601 Mono 1600W Class-D Car Ampnand a pioneer champion sub that is 1000w not sure what it is.)
Do the stock speakers come in 4 or 6? 2-6×9 rear 2-6.5 front doors and 2-at dash if stock
I heard that the speaker sizes do not mount correctly such as the sizing is off slightly.
So my major questions are;
1. What speakers should I buy for my vehicle? Not crazy expensive but good quality around 125$ per pair ideally give or take. (please provide links if possible)
2. What brackets will I need for it to mount properly? (please provide links if possible)

I feel like this could be a fun project for someone to work on. Im really not good with speakers and choosing them. The ohm thing has me confused and a couple other things. 

If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Aug 28, 2018
I would no for JBL separates up front GT609C, and JBL GT509C for rear fill. You can pick up both for around $180 total.
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