need big amp audiobahn a2200hc or cadence 2700hc


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the audiobahn is $429 and puts out 1600x1 wrms at 1 ohm but i heard its 1/2 ohm stable and is 3200x1 not sure and don't want to stress the amp anyways.

cadence is 1500x1 at 1 ohm i need two amps one for 3 jl 12w6's and one for 2 fusion powerplant 15's 600 wrms. so i might get both amps or two of one? but which is better?

also thinking about the

jbl bp 1200.1 and the lanzar VHC2000 2000 watt max 1400 wrms at 1 ohm.

also the last idea's are autotek sx-1700 1200x 1 at 1 ohm, and the lanzar 1200d 1200x 1 at 1 ohm?

needs to be under 450 dollar and 1 ohm stable.



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The Cadence and the JBL Amp are really the only choices...There is simple no way to compare the quality of thier circuitry to Audiobahn,Lanzar, etc. Cadence and JBL both have very minimal flaws in thier entire track record in amplifier production, typically in which the companies have made ammends for a time and a half over for the customers. The track records of the few aforementioned companies is rather tarnished quite a bit.

Lets put it this way, a majority of the complaints that come up on public forums or in person at Dealers, usually do not involve the likes of Cadence or JBL.

Autotek is also another option to consider, not quite on the same level as Cadence, however, they have been continually improving thier line and do make some very impressive products. They are on the right track, and also provide a rock solid backing for thier products.




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