Lions, and Tigers, and Synergy...OO MY!!!

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Nov 19, 2019
Mesquite, Nevada
I traveled down a worm hole on the Google Inter-webs and got lost for HOURS!!! I was on the search for brands that are car audio that wasnt the same ol brands we always hear about and talk about. I know I must have dug deep because I cant even really find reviews of these products. So I'm reaching out to "All Knowing Audio Experts", that's you by the way, to possibly shine some light on if anything I found is worth possibly looking into. So let's start shall we...
**All subs referenced are 12"**
The first brand I've seen their amps used once or twice. I found reviews of the amp and everything points to it being damn good. But when I saw their subwoofer I fell in love. Its damn pretty and would definitely deserve a plexiglass window or to be inverted. I'm hoping some of you can tell me how good or bad this sub is. I'm hoping it's all good and I'll grab a couple. Synergy Audio also offers the WFO 2.1D 2250 and the WFO 3.1D 3500 for amplifiers. I believe theres a couple higher wattage amps as well.

--B2 Audio--
Another brand that caught my eye. However I've heard this brands name a couple times in the forums, I would definitely like to know a bit more information and if it passes the test. It's also a very nice looking subwoofer (not a good looking as the Synergy though hahaha) however I do look the looks of their amps. They offer the Rage, RageXL, and Rampage. Which covers alot of bases. But as far as amps they have the Rage2500, Rage2500v2, and then it jumps up to 7500. Wish there was one in the middle.

--Avatar Audio--
The next brand is one I've never heard of. It's also a brand that make a pretty decent looking subwoofer. They offer a nice variety. The Avatar Tsunami Series 12D1/D2 which is RMS 2500 Peak 5000, the Volcano Series 12D1/D2 which is RMS 3000 Peak 6000, and the prettiest one, the Avatar Tsunamiv2 D2 RMS 3000 Peak 6000. They also offer a few amps as well. The Avatar ATU 1500, the ATU 2000, and the ATU 3500. Again, I cant find any reviews on this brand. Hopefully you guys know something.

--Ampere Audio & Trauma Audio--
The last 2 brands I am going to clump together. From what I can tell these brands dont offer subwoofers, its amplifiers only (ok the offer a couple subs but nothing that caught my eye)I was excited finding these because all we really hear to go to is Taramps. I was definitely interested in seeing what other reliable amp brands were out there. The first one I've seen tossed around the forums a couple times. Ampere Audio offers quite a big selection of amplifiers and I'm hoping since that's all they do, they have good products. They offer everything from 600.1 to 7500.1. The second brand I've never heard of but I'm digging the name. Trauma Audio has just Amos and their line is called Concussion. They offer a 1200.1, 2250.1, and a 3500.1.

Let me know if you have experience with any of these products and brands, whether it's good, bad, or indifferent. Especially the Synergy Subwoofer 😁😁

MuNchiezzz Recruit
Nov 19, 2019
Mesquite, Nevada
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Brutal Sounds is another company/brand I ran across. They dont have a whole lot. They have 3 different subs: The Mini Brute 600w RMS, The Lil Brute 750w RMS, and The Big Brute 2000w RMS. They also offer a few different amps, the BS2.1 2200, the BS 5100. Like I said, not alot to choose from but maybe what they have is good???



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