Lasting Impressions - Fay, NC - Thumbs down!

Paaco1981 Elite
10+ year member
Dec 6, 2007
I have always gone to the place on Wrightsville Avenue, Coastal Glass Tinting. They do a great job for me and are always quick. They also have a decent looking girl at the front desk haha ;p


BeAlLsTaR13 Veteran
10+ year member
Mar 28, 2009
New York
well.. 130 for all windows + strip and 4 hours of labor.. you should have been expecting a shitty job.. places around here are about 180+ depending on the job and dont take as long.. however with 4 hours i would expect they are doing it carefully and trying not to fvck up.. but appearently they did -_-

get your money back and go somewheres else -_-



10+ year member
Mar 11, 2009
always bump'n , nc
this isn't a shop review but a guy i know does real good tinting in bear grass nc he tells u to bring ur own tint that u want on and only charges like 40 to 60 buck to put it on and its the best ive seen around going to him to get my 5% on my ford ranger and thats all the windows not just on or 2 windows


hazardous0388 Veteran
10+ year member
Sep 6, 2006
Springfield, MO
i doubt that the response from the supposed business was actually a person that worked there. im sure it was just someone from this forum.



Senior VIP Member
10+ year member
Jul 23, 2008
I hope they are still open! I am going to ride by there. lol

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Bang A Lang
10+ year member
Aug 20, 2008
Mooresville nc
u dug up a old thread but yea.


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