Kickers vs Herts

sat7285 Newbie
Jul 2, 2020
Hi Team,

I am new here and i have recently got a Hyundai Verue car for my daily commute . I am not satisfied with the in house speakers and i am planning to upgrade the basic speakers now . After my inital analysis i am come down with two sets of speakers , I am unable to decide which one to go as i havent heard either of the both speakers . The decision is made based on the reviews and the budget i have with me immediately to upgrade .

In future i may go for the extra AMP, DSP and Woofer but for now i am parking these as i just want to upgrade the quality of the music from the defaults i have.

Here is the setup which i am planning to do .

pioneer sda-835tab head unit , Its going to stay . I dont want to go for some chines androids available in the market . Blaunkpunt the android version is like my grandfather and other than this model no other brand has a decent 8 inch screen .

Speaker combo
Kicker CSS 67 components in the front and DSC 670 co-ax at the back .


Hertz Cento components in the front and DCX 165.3 Coax at theback .

Now i am not a heavy bass listener , But at the same time i wont say i dont listen to bass at all . I am more concentrated on the Vocals so more of a treble listerner . So i would like to hear your suggestion on what i should opt from these above two speakers . I have gone through infinity Kappa and focals , But obtaining them around in my locality is difficult and not interested in the online buys .


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May 22, 2013
Pharr, Texas
I have never used Hertz, but from what I have read, they are quality audio products. That you have found some in the same price range as Kickers is surprising. 1 vote for Hertz.

sat7285 Newbie
Jul 2, 2020
Thanks for your vote.

Hertz Centos cost me around £150 and Hert DCX Coax costs me £64

Kicker CSS cost me £128 and the DSC Cost me £88.

So the combined cost is around £210 to £230 . Hence the confusion


10+ year member
Jun 12, 2010
Trussville, Al
With the quality that follows the Hertz brand, and only a ten pound difference, I would do those.


10+ year member
Jan 22, 2010
I've had Kicker CS components. I would go Hertz any day. Spend more on an amp and front speakers and don't worry about the rears. If you have to have rear speakers then keep the stocks on run them off head unit power.
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