Kenwood 6x8 vs JBL 6.5"??

RBass22 Newbie
Jan 4, 2022
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and haven't done much with car audio since 2008'ish. I'm planning a very simple system for an old '98 F-150 extended cab. Going to be running an aftermarket HU, 2 sets of 6x8's (Kenwood KFC-C681 - 81w RMS - 4 ohms) or 6.5's (JBL GX628 - 60w RMS - 2 ohms) in front & rear doors, and 2 JBL 12's in ported enclosure. Will be running mids/highs off an amp with 60-100w rms per channel. My question - is it worth it in this case to build/buy adapter plates to run the 6.5's or would you just go with the 6x8's? They both sound decent (for the price).
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DRBOOM Well Known
Nov 21, 2018
Hey mate,
With a similar size speaker, not much difference as the cone areas are identical. Only difference is that one would have a more efficient tweeter to the other. Secondly, if you sound deaden the doors then that will provide you with a better detailed midbass, not low bass. Using your kenwood amplifier, sound deaden them doors and give what you have a go, before you go out and spend more cash on new speakers which is not worth the improvement unless you want to add a dedicated subwoofer and another amplifier. With car audio, you may be fiddling around changing speakers, subwoofers until you are satisfied for a while then its of again! That is what I do mate, but you maybe more content then me! :)

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