JVC KD-8500/KD-SHX850 head unit, flat cable replacement.Parts list, Schematis,manual

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Hello guys, well this is basically my little story i want to share, in hopes that may be later some one go down the same road and will find it helpful.

Today i finally got outside to work on my cars stereo JVC KD-8500.

I recently bought JVC stereo removal tools, those little aluminum things that you take stereo with. I lost my original once and ordered from ebay. Fast shipping and cost about 3 buks. Before I used to take half of my dash apart just to work on my stereo, i kinda got tiered of it.

The reason i actually went there is that my stereo was slowly dying on me, in the way that it would not retracts all way up to extract CDs, and then just getting stuck in some middle positions. Finally i was able to set it straight and use it for a month without tilting it at all.

And had to listen to same mp3 cd, which i really got sick of. So today was a day i wanted to fix in place loose cable at the back of my stereo which connected JVC KS-PD100 (ipod connector) to stereo.

Well i did that and my stereo started working right, and playing my music from ipod.

Well but i cant of let go that there in my cd slot is that old disk that i got sick of, and tried to get it out. Well on attempt of emergency eject(function on deck) faceplate went all way up and just got stuck there! That was it... Car on and off and no result, its just locked in place.

Well some how i was able to force it down, but then there was no music no display and cd is still in the deck. I was mad, i knew the thing is broken. So i took it out and started taking it apart.

It did not take that long after opening to notice that flat cable that goes from circuit board to the connector of deck's faceplate was ripped in the middle. (May be due recent cold weathers, and fact that its been in use for more then 2 years now).

I decided to call JVC customer support ((800) 252-5722), and attempted to describe the part i need to order. I have been told by representative that i had to know the exact part number to be able order replacement part i needed. Well i tried to search online for parts list, well it was very easy to find websites that want you to buy it from them for around 15 bucks, same price they want for it over at jvc's customer support. But i kept looking and i finally found it on one website (givemefile . net).

Let me tell you straight up, i was very skeptical about the file i was downloading, it could of been another bloatware that would install some kind of browser addon or something on my computer. But I didn't let my past experiences block me from trying.

Well it actually came out to be legit files, with all 3 service instructions to the deck, Parts list with illustrations, schematic diagrams, and service manual. Just in case I have uploaded files here (mediafire . com/?ar44faoldadk0ja).

I was happy, i found model number for that flat wire FPC (QAL0587-001), called customer support and ordered it. Whole purchase was around 25 dollars. That included free shipping, well i know its kind of much but all things considered it was cheapest way to go!

Also took some pictures of head unit torn apart:

i cant post them because im new member //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/frown.gif.a3531fa0534503350665a1e957861287.gif, but ill work on it, planing on staying on this forum.

More pictures: mediafire . com/?j7f50jrphzlti

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