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My amp is an MTX 6500. My sub plays on-and-off. Same issue happens with a different sub. Zero volts on the output when the sub isn't bumping, so I suspect the amp. Is this amp worth the cost to repair? Is it worth learning to repair myself?

I have an associates degree in electronics, so I am no stranger to soldering or testing equipment, and I own an oscilloscope, but I have never repaired an amplifier before. I enjoy learning new things, but I also don't mind paying someone to do work if the price is right.

What should I expect to pay for a repair? Any idea what might be causing my problem? My best guess is a loose component from vibrations, but I haven't opened the amplifier yet... I worked 12.5 hours today, so free time was limited.


- Joe
Joe, Greetings and Happy Monday! I had an amp that recently had an issue. It was the Skar RP2000 amplifier that I had purchased from the original owner. Needless to say, I did inquire about how much the repair costs would be for the device, because it was stuck in "protect mode" which occurred as a result of my speaker wires vibrating loose at the subwoofer cabinet level, then touching. I did get some great advice from support personnel to unplug the amplifier for at least 24 hours to let the capacitors fully drain, etc. I actually left it unplugged for 5 days, then reconnected it to find that the issue was still present. I inquired with an amplifier repair company that's familiar with that amplifier and actually performs all the repairs for Skar amps, as well as several other amps. The cost of the repair was going to be $110, plus $19.99 in shipping fees (on my end) to get the amplifier sent to the repair facility. Then, the current wait would be 5 - 7 weeks for the repair to occur and the amp to be returned to me. Being that the repair costs would be nearly 50% of the cost for a new amp, I ended up selling the amp as a non-working amplifier on Ebay and moved ahead with another amp. In this current day, there are many great amplifiers out there in the $200 - $300 range and it may just seem silly to pay such repair costs being that you could opt for a better amplifier for not too much more money. Just my .02 based upon my experience.

Thank you very much for your detailed response. You really put things into perspective. I am all-too-guilty of pinching pennies by spending dollars!

I have never been a big fan of MTX products, but I got a good deal on the amp, and it sounded pretty good when it was working. I have been looking at local amps for sale, and I have realized that there are cheaper ways to get me thumping again!

From a different perspective: What might it cost to repair the amp myself? I am fairly competent with electronics (soldering as well as test-equipment).

Thanks again.
- Joe
That's a tough call. You might only need a few bucks in parts, but the shipping on such parts could be $10 or $12. But, you have to consider the value of your time too. If it's a hobby that you'd enjoy doing, then do it. But, if you have other more important items to tend to, then move onto another amplifier. I'm a pretty patient person, but wouldn't feel like removing 25 screws to get the amp apart. :D
my opinion is that its definitely not worth $140 for repair and shipping. If you want to start replacing caps and so forth, then go for it. Like said above, the parts are gonna be cheap, but if those long hours are a frequent thing, i could see it collecting dust. Take the $140 you would have spent on shipping and move to a new (or used) amp
I say do both buy a new one Tinker with the old one at your leisure. You have nothing to lose and best case you fix it for cheap and have a spare. And the knowledge of knowing you have to sweat blowing amps anymore I did it with many parts of my car mechanical not electric but being the same principle. Oh **** this is 3 years old would you end up doing
Chuck it. At best it's a (used and repaired) 500 watt amp at 2 ohms.

For the cost of the repair, 1200 watts @ 2 ohms


100 watts @ 2m 1500 watts @ 1

$159.99 on Amazon - query

STINGER Audio MT15001 Monoblock Class D Mosfet Power Supply Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control,1500 Watts RMS.​

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