is it worth fixing

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Im wondering i got a orion cobalt amp 240 watts i think its blown not for sure when i wjhen i install it and everything it doesnt turn on



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have you checked your remote lead? Ive had brand spankin new fuses be bad, and no it wasnt blown, it actually caused a 9 volt drop across it...that was a funky problem. Do you have for sure 12 volts to the amp? If the car is running it will be 14.4 volts. I suppose if you dont have a Volt Ohm meter it is alittle tuff to see that. Have you got a good ground? Checked all the fuses??? exhaust all posabilites.



yes the fuses and everything work be cause when we hooked up another amp it worked fine so how mch do u think it will cost to fixk or is it even worth it



one of my friends had a problem like this and it was some type of internal switch it costed him about thirty dollars to get it fixed

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