Installer in Rockville or surrounding area


Junior Member
Jul 4, 2008
Gaithersburg, Md
I need to put some things in my wife's Camry hybrid, so I need someone really good, thinking of an ipod controller and a backup camera.



Junior Member
Feb 23, 2010
Bethesda, MD

I'd like to get in contact with an installer that used to work for TWEETER in Rockville, MD...his name is Derrick from Glen Burnie, i think.

Or if someone can recommend a good installer to help me with my 2001 VW Jetta, JL500 Sub-amp, JL Subs, Alpine PDx-5 Amp. I'm getting some line noise/interference especially if the engine is revving and I think some wires are crossed somewhere or I need to install some ferrites. I took it to one shop and they just took my money...



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