Installer in columbia area?????


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Jun 1, 2005
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i finally got my system installed yesterday. i got it done at audio connections.

my personal experence with them is the guy there thinks he knows what hes doing but doesnt have a clue.

first he gave me shit about me telling him that the AA atlas's are tuneable and he shouldnt wire the secound VC. he also said that they were 3 ohm subs not 4 ohm.

the install looked good and clean but i dont think he knows how to set the gains properly. cuz i didnt see him useing a test tone or a multimeter. but i could of just missed it.

im going to redo my gains myself and see if it makes my subs sound any better because as of now there hardly moveing. so untill i do that id have to say to stay away frm them unless you want to have to reset your gains and get crap about not haveing kicker or mtx subs.



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Nov 16, 2005
Cooksville, MD
I was just going to say that about Audio Connection, I went in there last year asking for a price on a custom box for my old 2001 Dodge ram(had to get rid of the beauty because of gas), They went on and on about the Kicker CVR being so much better than my Diamond D6, needless to say, I went ahead and did a box myself.



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Mar 7, 2004
I dont know, theyve never given me any problems, my friends either. I think he screwed one of my friends over sold him liek 3 old caps...........but whatever.



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Sep 7, 2004
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well im sure this is alittle late but i know the guy over at the tweeter in columbia and he is one of the best installers i know


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Sep 13, 2006
Frederick MD
ANd he still is a beast installer



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Aug 1, 2007
Try GW Motorsports, they do a good job. My car is there now. LOL @ Cipha Bmore on the come up baby so the surroung area's gone shine too!


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Aug 6, 2009
Glen Burnie maryland
If you are interested in knowing how to install your sysem USAudio in Glen Burnie has what they call a controlled install where you work hand in hand with the tech doing the whole install, that way if you are looking for something you know right where to go. They dont charge any more for this service and offer a lifetime warrenty on their wiring, shop that I dont think anyone will offer that. You can call them at 410-590-1313 or email [email protected]. USAudio is the home of Marylands Loudest daily driver too!!!


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