Input to DSP question

SlugButter Veteran
Nov 5, 2019
I ordered a Dayton DSP, and my plan is to run an iPad as my car stereo with the DSP app running on the iPad. I know I can buy a dongle to allow the DSP to receive a Bluetooth signal, but I was wondering if the headphone jack adapted into rca cables would work ok. The DSP will be installed behind a plastic panel where the stock stereo used to be, and the iPad will be simply velcroed to that panel, so the DSP is literally 6 inches behind where the iPad will be mounted, making running a short wire adapted from the headphone jack fairly easy, but if a Bluetooth signal is better, I will just connect that way. It would be nice to have my second iPad be able to connect via Bluetooth to the DSP, and be able to control the audio settings with my larger screen iPad while playing with the music on the iPad mini I will have in the dash.

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