Impossible to figure out speaker polarity?

Hello everyone,

I am very confused on the polarity of the following tweeters:

I've had them for a while but I'm just getting around to installing them. Can anyone see what the polarity is supposed to be?

Both wires have the same spade connector, neither sides have a dot / plus / minus /any indication. I tried connecting a depleted 1.5V battery (the small one to not overheat the driver and I only held it for a second or two, it was also down to 1.1V), but since it's a tweeter I couldnt see if it was moving in or out...

Any help appreciated!

Mine iirc had a red spot and a black spot on each side on the bottom of the tweeter.

I bought mine back in 2018 but never got to install them till now... Maybe it got smudged off.

Anyway, looking through the pics on Ebay I found one pic where there is a red dot but the pic is from the side so it's hard to tell which side this is.

But I noticed a small "bump" in the picture (circled in red and arrow pointing towards it) which makes me thing that's the Alpine speaker, so if that's the case it may help me orient it this way.


I also emailed the seller, so hopefully I get some kind of answer back. Thanks for the help!



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Black is positive
Black with white stripe is negative
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