Help Please! Signal being sent to sub when volume at 0

BertMakesItHurt Newbie
Jul 18, 2019
Hey guys,

I'm running a Skar RP1200, MTX 7512-22 @ 1 Ohm and an Audio Control LC2i. I just did the install while keeping the factory head unit in my 2016 Ford Focus ST. I spliced into the factory wire harness coming from the factory Sony amp to grab signal from the front speakers (using solder, not connectors).

My issue is when I turn the volume to 0 the baseline from whatever song is playing is still being picked up and played. I have checked all my connections and no wires are touching etc. My RCA's seem to be okay as well. I cannot figure if its at fault of the LC2i or my RP1200. What makes me lean towards it being the amp is the fact that it uses a bass controller that uses an AUX cable to connect into the remote port on the amp which is very shotty. The bass controller does not even function, if I fumble with the knob it will change the gain of the woofer but, clearly is not working correctly. Along with that, when I pull the bass controller out about half way from the amp side connection, the baseline volume (while still at 0 on the factory head unit) is significantly quieter, but not 100% gone. I have the gain on the amp at 0, subsonic at 0, crossover at 50(where it comes from factory) and the LC2i functions are all at 0.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Note: It appears that I have a good ground and the RCA cables are run no where near my 4 gauge power.

Thanks in advance.

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