Head unit quits putting out sound?


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Apr 13, 2018
So I installed my pioneer deh80prs to utilize the hands free and Bluetooth. I just have it hooked up to the 4 factory speakers no amps or anything (temporarily). I also wired in the speaker wire to rca piece(not sure of the technical name) to send a signal to an equalizer, that is/will only be hooked up for the light display. When I turn the volume up to a certain point it quits producing sound. If you shut the car off and immediately turn it back on you have sound/music. I’m thinking the internal amplifier in the hu is going into protect mode probably because it is seeing the ohm load from the speakers plus the rca piece going out and dropping too low?? Need ideas , and I’m certain I Will probably have to unhook the eq until I have external amps. Thanks for any input!


Nov 6, 2013
Disconnect the "RCA Piece" (LOC -line output converter) to see if the problem goes away. Also do this for the equalizer. If it does, check the wiring for the " RCA Piece", and the equalizer. As you mentioned previously, you may need to purchase a small amplifier for the lights.

I'm puzzled, as LED lights draw very little current. Why aren't you connecting your lights to a speaker. If they are the types that flash with the signal received. The speakers get the same signal from the head-unit as the equalizer.

I apologize if I'm not understanding you question.

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