Head Unit Problems Help!


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May 22, 2015
St. Louis, MO
We just got a new used truck (90 F-150 4x4) and we were installing a new head unit and we hooked up the adapters and everything no power checked fuses in truck and head unit both almost brand new. It came with no radio and it has a microphone holder for a CB so we are guessing it had a CB instead of a head unit well we don't know what is wrong with it. Could it be because the CB was put there? If so how do we fix it? If not what could be the possible problems me and my step dad have installed radios/sub's before still no idea. Help please.



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Mar 31, 2012
Baltimore, MD
Start by checking your connections. Then I would move on to verify 12v switched and 12v constant. Check your ground.if none of that is present in the harness you can always run your own switched and constant power from the fuse panel.


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