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I have an Opel Zafira B. The standard HUD is CD70 with Navi. Wish to replace the device with an Android device. At a moment, only A-Sure has some models for my car, some of these have an additional video out.
I need a special function. Have one other display, with S-Video In, and I wish to put the navigation window to this one screen and leave on the head unit the radio app or other app. The head units from A-Sure are Android 11, and has also a Video Out, as a separate cable, but can I configure the Head unit to put the Navigation window (Waze, Google Maps, etc) to this one separate output and to leave the screen from the head up on the radio?
I don't need mirroring, but separation, one app (navigation) to the external screen, and a standard radio app on the head main screen.
Just curious, Could you just move your current CD70 to the new location, and get your new head unit to where that is? Just have two separate head units.
Move the CD70 to that area, leave the speakers off, and just connect the wires it needs to power. Then you can leave the bluetooth or connection on that one open so anyone/other people can easily connect to that to see, but you have your new one to yourself. You would just splice in a few wires. I would probably run a new power wire though.


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I don't wish to have the old head-up unit (CD70), because it has just an old Navigation and has no BT for the phone and other things. I will buy a new one, and A-Sure produces head units for Opel.
This A-Sure device has a Video Out port, and Android 11.
Can I somehow configure on Android 11 that one application run on the separate Video Out (actually a second monitor) while on the main head unit is one other application?
For example:
Main head unit - FM radio screen
Video Out (external 11" screen) - Waze navigation screen

I don't need screen mirroring (same picture on the head monitor and external monitor), I need two different pictures on two different screens.
I don't know have a correct explained what I need.
On a laptop, You can have Google Chrome on Laptop's main screen and one additional monitor connected to the same laptop, on which You run a movie. The same wish to do with a car head radio unit.

Is allowed to post an URL to an A-Sure page for the head unit that I wish to buy?

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If you can have different things on the two original screens I’d want to believe a compatible hu having the features you want may be attainable. This would be a question for the place you buy it. Do they have any sort of customer support? My original hu had no car play or android auto but the hu I put in does. I have only 1 screen. Two screens would be sweet!! I’ll bet one side has some features and the other has the rest. If android has the nav you like determine which one does which. Or like you hinted at maybe using one w features you like can show through one screen eliminating the need for two.

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