found a new DD dealer near nashville


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Mar 29, 2007
saint charles, IL
550 to me doesnt seem like that sick of a price..



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Aug 1, 2005
Building 100
hes got the high end component sets from DD.
those are too much for me though. i just picked up the regular comp. set.
When I think of high end, I think of Genesis.

it was $550 with the one year warrenty from DD.

550 to me doesnt seem like that sick of a price..
Considering $50 went to taxes, not too bad. More than I would pay though, but then again I am not in DD's target market anymore.



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Dec 16, 2006
Nashville, TN FTW
now i might have to venture to smyrna to see this shop. i used to work @ cartronics and motortrendz


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