Does rear speakers improves driver audio experience?

Didn't expect that much debate here! But good to read all of you.

As it seems important, I drive a small car, a Nissan Micra from 2007. The speakers are the ones that come with the car, and they don't sound bad for the car it is, but I would like to improve it.

I was thinking in maybe moving the stock speakers to the rear part, and if it was necessary make'em sound lesser than the fronts. Now I know I would like to cut the high frequencies to make everything sound better.

I am not thinking in a sub. I dont need that much high quality sound in my car, although I would appreciate it. Also, in a small car like mine, probably it doesnt fit.

About the making the car less noisy to be able to hear beyter the music, I wonder if there is something else to do other than working the doors. Is there?

I have everything to do and to decide, but with a pair of good coaxials in the front part probably it is enough.

I am listening to your suggestions!
I personally just don't mix and match speakers, for any reason. the only exception is using a wideband or narrow bandpass driver in the rear. Even then, I try to use the same midbass and tweeter (or just the same midbass for the wideband) in the rear, same driver as the front. Time alignment/delay and volume should be the only concerns, not timbre.
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It also depends on your car. I find that big cars tend to sound "hollow" without rear fill. I drive big 4-dr sedans and a pair of 6X9's in the rear deck running on HU power can add volume and midbass. I'll second not having tweeters though.

Speakers in the rear doors do nothing for the driver. The OP hasn't said what he drives.
Done correctly rearfill can give a good listen atmosphere I just fill it takes entirely too much work since you are trying to add ambience and that's it.

Rearfill that's even within 6db of the front volume has a tendency to pull the sound stage rearwards even with good time alignment.

6x9s on the back deck typically have 2 or 3way tweeter setups paired with the midbass and more often than not are too load to be useful imho. On top of that if you have a decent sub stage in a trunk it often destroys rear deck speakers
No, I’m speaking just from the drivers seat!
I think most have lost sight of the fact that you are adding FRONT speakers, right? Rear fill like/dislike is personal. I am both somewhat of an audiophile that appreciates single seat front stage and at times, enjoy rear fill too. The times that I drive on a road trip and it's just me, I still toggle back and forth depending on the music source. I usually listen to live recordings or stuff like sarah mclaughlin with rear fill, just prefer it that way. Dire straits and Bsatles mono recordings, Single seat all the way.

Truth be known, I rearly (haha) think about it unless on long road trips where things are calm enough to appreciate the single seat front stage tune.

When there is anyone in the car, rear or 2 seat iw it. If I had to choose one over the other, moderat rear fill would likely win and I am all about the SQ, just what i like when cruising along.
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I like multiple midbass locations. I have two 6.5” in each rear door but they only play to 500hz lpf. That’s not even ideal. 350 would be better. I really only use them when I’m really jamming out. I can switch them on/off through the head unit….And I can third, the part about an up front sub. Made an significant difference. Worth all the aggravation building that glove box subwoofer.
Ill also add that, its nice to have rear fill for passengers and for that surround sound affect, especially for an SUV or a 4 dr vehicle. If the HU has the option to use Time Alignment you can use that feature to as well for your needs.
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