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I have Soundstream Aptix VR-65XB in my dash, the manual says to convert videos to AVI in order to play off of the USB drive. For some reason though, every file I've tried to convert will not work. I've tried everything from 4min videos off of Youtube to 2hr movies. I've tried using Freemake Video Converter, DivX 9-10, and AVS Video Converter. The only one that I go to play was a video converted with YTD Downloader, the problem is there aren't really any advanced options there. I've tried Xvid MP4, Xvid/DivX MP4, AVI, nothing. My hopeful end-goal is to convert my Stargate SG-1 videos to 60fps and play them on the unit. If that's not possible, then at the very least I just want them to play at a lower frame-rate. Thank you in advance for any helpful replies!

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I would guess the only avi's your HU can play are mpeg2.

I have to convert everything i want to play on my Kenwood ddx4016bt to mpeg2 or it won't play.

I use sony vegas movie studio 13 to convert.

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