Class D current draw at idle?


Jan 2, 2012
Holland, MI
I recently bought the Dual XPR82D 2-channel amp that has been well received by the car audio community. I've been bench testing using my F250 battery with a 4 amp charger connected to the battery, along with the amp. I'm powering two 6x9 Morel Maximo speakers and it sounds pretty good. The question I have is, why is the amp drawing so much current when there is no source audio signal going to it? I know it's drawing a good amount of current because the amp is quite warm and the battery charger can't fully charge the battery due to the amp draw. I'm leaving the amp power, ground, and turn-on lead connected for many hours without any music playing. I thought that Class D amps were supposed to not pull any (or much) current when there is no audio signal going to it? I bought this for use on my boat so that I could play music when we're anchored, but now I'm concerned that it will be drawing too much current even at low volumes.

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