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Looking to do my own carputer in my 2011 Subaru Legacy any one done this before. Any Tips would be great.
Search on There are a lot of people who have done Subaru installs. I know they make custom bezels for screen installs, etc. Check it out.



its weird to me that the last comment on this thread was a year and a half ago, esp considering the advent of the advancements of raspberry pis and so forth. Touch screen tft's have halved in price and kept reliability and this subject is all but dead (or so it seems)



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its weird to me that the last comment on this thread was a year and a half ago, esp considering the advent of the advancements of raspberry pis and so forth. Touch screen tft's have halved in price and kept reliability and this subject is all but dead (or so it seems)
I guess 7" touchscreen displays with many of the same features as a carputer, makes them obsolete to a point.


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Fat guy on the GROUND.
Top: Android HU. 4gb RAM, 64gb storage. 10.1"
Use DUB Music Player when not using CarPC. Also use for Torque to monitor engine. May become full time gauge panel.
Lower: 10.1" screen for CarPC in Center Console. Using an NUC6CAY with 8gb ram and 980gb 2.5" HDD. Screen has inputs
out the wazoo. HDMI, VGA, DVI, BNC, RCA. From PC I am using an HDMI, as it provided the best resolution, by a long shot.
Using WinAMP for my music player. Have been since 2004. Audio is via BT to Android HU. Can play music while connected
to Torque via ELM327 via BT. No issues. I use GlowForge visual on top when using CarPC for music. Shown in pic. Looks like
graphic eq, but there are maybe 8 visualizations in total. This is an overlay, it can be used on ALL audio sources.

The negative....
The HU is a single din. DOES NOT MOUNT WITH CAGE. Uses 2 ghetto L-brackets. Its pretty solid, but after screen is attached,
cannot get it much more than about 1.5" from dash. So you can SEE the ghetto behind it. I cut foam insulation to fit the top,
and the sides. Then I took an all black neck gaiter and pulled it over the screen. It keeps everything back there tight. The lower
screen is hard mounted, 4 or 6 screws, if I pull on it, the trim panel will come out. Not bad for $40 from Wish. LOL.

At first, it sounded great, has now developed intermittent engine noise. All grounds and cables are as they need to be. The internal
amp powering my pillar mount mids & highs are CRYSTAL clear and LOUD AF! But the mids...on my amp...they get whiney.

The internal crossover is trash. I use an external PX-1 Pro Connect by Expert Electronics same Brazilian build as Stetsom and others.
This can be set by a BT App. And let me tell you....GET ONE. You can do HPF, LPF, BP, and all types of crossovers, and can change
input gain as well as output. Its one of the better signal processors I've ever used.


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i am one of the very few who has mine behind the dash. basically you can do 2 things. have a whole computer like your house one and hook it up an inverter(which i dont recomend). or buy small parts. let me give u a part list of what i have

M2atx 160watt power supply with a built in startup shutdown controller(startupshutdowncontroller maintains the voltage when engine cranks and will automatically start the computer when key is inserted and turned) $80

7in widescreen Lilliput vga touchscreen $250

Via M10000 miniItx motherboard $184(its darn small,there is a new smaller one called an Nano itx but its way too expensive.

GPS usb reciver $80

iGuidance(gps software/maps) $100

Slot loaded dvd rom/burner $85(cheapest at zip zoom fly .com mp3 car charges 184 for it )

Laptop harddrive $80(use a laptop HDD because it can withstand heat and shock much better than a 3.5)

converter for laptoHDD to IDE $3

converter for laptop dvd drive to ide $3

512 stick of ram $ 50

200 watt wiring kit(car stereo wiring kit $20 (used my friends discount at bestbuy)

and then a Hu with an AUX i used my Alpine 9847.

the rca to headphone cable.

and if you got the cash get a usb soundcard($30 at amazon)

you are lookin around $935 just for what i have without the soundcard(i did not add the HU price either) so $935is a lot cheaper than paying like $1000-$3000 for the kenwoods,pioneers, and eclipses dvd screen units.

I can watch movies while i drive(if i wanted too) gps works well,the fact that all my music is on a hard disc thats great. I even wired my startup to my remote start so when i remote start ,i come to my car and windows is booted already. But if you install tiny xp your computer will boot in 5seconds flat9tiny xp is windows xp,except cut down to like i think 240mb,uses 64mb of ram. add a usb wireless card for $10 also go surf the web.

edit check out miy pictures



After night

Inside ,Note the inside pic is before i had the laptop hard drive..

If you want to see how the dash piece was fabricated check it out here, me and my friend DOHCrazy(he gets most of the credit) did this. turned out nicely.
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