Junior Member
Oct 19, 2009
Springfield, MO
I just wanted to see what other people thought about the place? I bought some door speakers and my friend bought some Alpine Type Rs and have had no problems.



Junior Member
Aug 24, 2010
I Had carfi install an oldschool us amp (usa-400) in my minivan, i called and received a quote, When i got there, the price was $10 higher. I was a lil disappointed,at first, but once i got in my van, the extra $10 was no big deal. They did a great job. At a glance looks totally stock. I am gonna go back and have my new crossover put in next week. Look forward to doing business with carfi again. You get what you pay for.



Senior VIP Member
Apr 28, 2011
Springfield, MO
Yeah they are good for the most part. The prices are sort of High but they do good work


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