Cadence Warehouse sale! Subs+Amps+speakers+installation kits and more!

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We have tons of over-stocked and B-stock items that need a home. This is a small list of some items we are trying to get rid of ASAP.


Everything has been tested and works 110%. Most were never opened until testing was taken place.

No trades, just cash or paypal. Local to Howell, NJ? PM US.

All Prices include shipping. US residents only.

Updated September 23 2011


$450_DCW152QC-15in Quad Coil 2ohm sub

$45_PRO10X8-10in Pro Audio SPL 8ohm

$50_PRO12X8-12in Pro Audio SPL 8ohm

$60_PRO15X8-15in Pro Audio SPL 8ohm

$70_UD124HFI-12in UD Series 4ohm

$75_XW12D2-12in Xenith woofer DVC 2ohm

$130_CTB124-12in triangle enclosure w/ UD woofer


$425_IA9- 1 x 2000wrms
$250_Boston-5 channel amp

$200_Chicago-4 x 90w

$270_Dakota-1 x 1200w

$200_DCA1000- 1 x 1000w

$100_Z5000-1 x 750w

$175_Z6000-6 X 75w

$120_Z7000-1 x 1500w

$110_Z777-DG- 1 x 940w

$100_TXA1502-2 x 75w

$120_TXA3002-2 x 150w

$120_TXA3004- 4 x 75w

$150_TXA500hc- 2x 100w High Current Amp

$120_TXA750D- 1 x 600w

$200_F100-5 5channel Amp

$80_F200-2 2 x 75w Flash

$110_F300-2 2 x 125w Flash

$125_F400-4 4 x 75w Flash

$200_F600-4 4 x 125 Flash

$125_F700-2 1 x 800 Flash

$75_XA175.2-Xenith 2 x [email protected] Orange

$130_XA250.2-Xenith 2 x [email protected] Orange

$130_XA250.2-Xenith 2 x [email protected] Black

$130_XAH250.2-Xenith 2 x [email protected] Orange


$35_US-553_5.25 Coaxial speakers


$35_ZRS45-4” ZRS Coaxial

$20_FXS44-4” Flash Series Coaxial


$65_CVLS553-5.25 High end 3-way System

$45_US553-5.25 High end 2-way System

$30_ZRS55-5.25 ZRS coaxial

$35_ZRS55S-5.25 ZRS slim coaxial


$65_FXC5KI-5.25 Flash components

$50_ZRS55KS-5.25 ZRS slim components

$70_ZRS5K-5.25 ZRS component


$70_CVLS65C-6.5 High End Coaxial

$50_ZRS60E-6.5 ZRS Coaxial

$30_RCS6502-6.5 Razor Coaxial


$50_ZRS65KS_6.5 ZRS Slim Components


$65_FXS693HDI-6x9 Flash 3way

$70_ZRS69S-6x9 ZRS Series Slim Coaxial


$65_FXS710HDI-7x10 Flash High powered

$150_DCS812-8x12 2-way Super Power

$32_FXS5768-5x7 / 6x8 3-way Plastic

$40_ZRS46-4x6 ZRS Coaxial


Specialty Sizes

$50_ZRS2M-2” Silk Soft Dome Midrange/tweeter

$60_ZX2M-2” Silk Soft Dome Midrange/tweeter

$30_ZXS120-120mm Snap in Coaxial

$30_SQST1-Marine Pod


Midranges-Sealed basket

$30_XM64/8-6” Midrange 4 ohm sealed

$40_XM88-8” Midrange 8 ohm sealed


Midranges-Open basket

$30_XM64V/XM68V-6” Midrange 4 or 8ohm

$40_XM84V/XM88V-8” Midrange 4 or 8ohm

$30_XM698-6x9” Midrange 8ohm

$40_XM108V-10” Midrange 8ohm Xenith


Midrange-High Compression

$40_XM64HC-6” Midrange High Compression 4 or 8ohm

$50_XM64HC-8” Midrange High Compression 8ohm


Midbass Cast Aluminum Drivers

$40_CVL68MB-6” Midbass Driver, 8ohm

$50_CVL88MB-8” Midbass Driver, 8ohm


Euro Series-Steal basket Midrange

$60_CVLM1054-10” slim midrange 4 or 8ohm

$45_CVLM68-6” slim midrange 8ohm

$50_CVLM84-8” slim midrange 4 or 8ohm


Euro Series Composite Basket Midrange

$40_CVLW64S/8-6” Midrange/Midbass 4 or 8ohm

$50_CVLW84S/8-8” Midrange/Midbass 4 or 8ohm



$10_AGU60-5 pack 60amp AGU fuses

$35_WK21-2 Gauge Amp Kit

$7_MAXI100-5 pack 100a MAXI fuses

$7_MAXI80-5 pack 80a MAXI fuses

$7_MAXI60-5 pack 60a MAXI fuses

$7_MAXI40-5 pack 40a MAXI fuses

$65_NOS1.5-1.5 farad NOS style Capacitor

$25_LLC1-Line Level Converter-Auto Start

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Oct 29, 2009
Ive had my eye on the XM68HCs for a while now i think i might have room for 6 of them //

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