Audio install - troubleshooting

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Hi all,

In the process of adding a sub and new speakers to my 5th gen RAM. In terms of what happened, I installed a 2x10 sub and it's running fine using the anc bypass. When I was swapping out the 6 factory speakers and after doing the sub I started with the front and dash speakers (so 4/6 speakers). I wanted to take a cheeky peak at hearing how different the new fronts vs old backs were. When I turned the tunes on, there was no sound at all from the back. If I ran 100% to the back on the fad/balancer option there was just a small amount of volume out of the fronts but 0 from the back. When I go back to center and I can hear the front 4 just fine. Figured maybe there's some sort of ohm mis-match going on or something so I continue. I've put the new back speakers into the door and still no sound coming out of them.

Pretty down that after all the hard work that I now need to troubleshoot. The problem occurred either during when I was running the power cable for the amp from the battery down to the channels at the side, or at some point when I was swapping out the front 4 speakers. In terms of trouble shooting, I've tried with the ANC bypass / amp and without and it's still just 4/6 speakers (i.e. testing if it was the bypass harness and subs doing the short out). Any audio folks able to chime in on how to troubleshoot this? You'd make my day if you had any advice.

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