Anyone have any insight on quality of the DS18 sq line of amps

94 ranger Recruit
Dec 24, 2018
I'm considering the ds18 sq 600.4 model amp particularly that model too run my 4 prv mid-ranges. I really prefer an amp that has a set of pass through RCA's along with all the amps connections one "One side of the amp". mainly for the way I have my wiring ran as apose to traditional power ground one one end and rca on opposite.

My other question is are they ds18s more reputable line of amps for a 4 channel.
My only concern was every ebay seller that sells them used or new the refurb rate seems high? And there's no youtube reviews of he sq line
My other option was try the 100.4 sae sundown .
I came from taramps and they got nice power but noisy amps and lack adjustments and I despise screw terminals on any amp .

Coolhand20th Elite
Mar 27, 2019
DS18 products are not all that great. Sundown however is and will back it up with the rated power and then some. Sundown is also coming out with some new lineups of amplifiers as well next month or in March. They have the pictures up on their facebook page as does Apex Car Audio.

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