Any ideas?

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Dec 4, 2020
I have a Jeep Wrangler with Focal Components, Kenwood Dig Amp, JL Audio 10W6 with another Kenwood Amp and a Pioneer Avic. I swapped my soft top back to hardtop for the winter and 2 days later after it rained drove the jeep and there is a cracking almost clipping like sound especially when the bass hits (any volume including barely any volume at all). There was some water dripping for sound bar in roll bar before this occurred the water got to the speakers and was shorting. Today pull speakers, bone dry. Check ground on Amp, ok. Disconnected 1 speaker (at the speaker) at a time, same. The rear floor under carpet was wet (Amp mounted under seat just in front of wet carpet and its been wet before without issues). Any ideas before I tear out Amp and start reconnecting one wire at a time etc to try and troubleshoot? Checked if any wires may have been crimped when putting hard top back on and nothing close to where the roof attaches. Volume goes to normal high and low just with this crackling/clipping especially when the bass/midbass hits. Also disconnected and shut off sub during diagnosis.


Nov 6, 2013
Sound like water infiltration. I had that issue with a chevy equinox where the amplifier was located under the rear seat. Water got into the amp. and caused the symptoms you described.


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May 19, 2008
You may want to pull the amp out and connect it to something completely separate from the car. I don't think you're going to avoid that here. I think you need to do an equipment check before possibly the situation gets worse. Idk if your stuff is under warranty or not, but you may even open your amp up and anything you think is giving you a problem.

Before you do that, maybe, push on your door speakers. Like push cone down into the motor softly, and see if you hear any rubbing.

I have an issue where PAPER CONE speakers will slowly degrade over time if they get wet. So you may look at that. My explorer's roof was heavily modified. The sunroof was glued shut basically, and I took the water drainage gutter out that made the water drip into the A pillar to go to the ground outside. I had a very small leak on the right side of that sunroof, and just from the moisture being in the cab, it basically blew one of my rainbow 6.5's because it slowly dissolved the cone. And it would do what you're talking about, like clack around when the midbass hit. You may try setting your speaker amps high pass filter really high, like 250 hz if you can, and see if it still does it. That would be a good indicator that it's a speaker. The speakers have to move in an out way more on the low notes, and it'll rub and clack if it's blown.


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Sep 11, 2020
Wrangler owners know not of these "door speakers" you speak of. Lol.

I try to avoid paper cones in the Wrangler for the issues buck mentioned. Also, if not already doing so, make sure the amp is up off the floor on a platform.

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Jun 28, 2011
There is a reason why there is a use for Marine certified audio gear

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