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Hi, I don't kow anything about car radios but have a VW Touran 2006 and am thinking of changing the standard RDS-300 radio for one of the newer Android 2DIN car radios with GPS, etc. I only want to use the cd player, FM radio and the GPS as well as plug in my own USB drives with MP3s on therm.
If I get one of these units, can I just install it and it'll work as I need it to or do I have to have an Android phone and have to pair it to the radio? I currently have an iPhone 6s
It's probably stupid to not know this but I'm a total newbie over this sort of stuff
Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give me
Your vehicle might require the use of some adapter to keep some specific vehicle options, like warning noises, or steering wheel controls. You will want to find that out, or should know. It is usually a simple module that plugs in between that can solve that.

If your head unit can play android (android auto was the last one I remember and there is also apple carplay, but I think now there are better versions of this).
Just about all head units have bluetooth, (especially one with GPS since that's kind of the big price bump in head units). You can connect either through that. There are plenty of head units that will connect to Android and Apple. If you want one that does both, then you can find that easy.
MP3s is pretty standard, and USB is pretty common. With USB it's not usually a question of "if", its more do you want it in the front, the back where you plug in a wire then route it where you want it, or both.

It will work without the phone. You should be able to connect to the bluetooth on just about everything. The android and apple specific will just make it work better. (I might be outdated here), but it used to just be the difference was in whether or not your head unit could display the track information, but it would still play.

If you don't have a place to buy your equipment yet, then is probably the best audio website out there (that we know of). They will know which adapters or extras you might need. They will ship to you in France. They can answer any question you have on any product they sell, they will include all the little extra pieces you need, like a mounting bracket and harness adapter free of charge along with the directions for your vehicle on which wire goes to where, and they include support for 3 months (last I checked), on everything they sell.
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