Amp repair in Jersey???


10+ year member
Jun 14, 2009
New Jersey
Does anybody know a shop or some one that can repair my amp?

I was moving speaker wires while it was on and all of the sudden... POOF cloud of white smoke.


jdawg Veteran
10+ year member
Jun 20, 2006
Maryland, United States
Its an Elemental NINe.2x should I just send it back to them and let eD repair???
doesnt really matter, i am sure you got a refurb peice of shit with solder slung all over the board, so yea send it to them so they can do their magic wand sling of solder once again



Wants a button like that.
10+ year member
Sep 24, 2006
Tampa, FL
Send it down here to Florida. Steve at AmpMedics will fix it for a great price.

Call him at 727 919 6793.


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