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Looking to sell off my previous car's audio system as I recently purchased a 2022 Civic ST and stripped out all the audio components before selling off my 10th gen. Really have no use for my previous audio equipment as the Premium Bose in the ST is good enough for my needs!

All equipment was professionally installed brand new by a shop (DV Audio) in Escondido, and was in use for less than a year before parting out. I can search for the paperwork and proof of installation if requested!

Each of the channels are working perfectly none, not a single one is blown or show signs of wear. The amps thermal performance is still in perfect condition and could pass as new except for the little ding on the front (picture posted for more details)

Looking for around $500 but definitely negotiable so please hit me with an offer and we'll see if we can work something out

I'm also willing to drive and deliver it to your house anywhere 2 hours from San Diego (up to LA/OC area) or can meet somewhere if you're more comfortable with that! I will cover shipping cost also to anywhere in the continental US.

Please message me if you have any questions or want pictures of anything else in specific, thanks :)

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Ur moms place
Ugh Where was this when I did my install in the summer? They run cool, quite and efficient, great amp IMHO for the price.