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Aug 21, 2007
springfield, il
This is the central IL local DD dealer, and he does some very good looking custom installs, however, be sure that you know the prices on the items you are looking for, because he does charge over retail. And make sure that the items you order are what you get, a local competitor ordered 2 stinger 1000 batteries, and ended up getting stinger 800's for the same price. Also if you refuse to do business with him for these reasons, explain your case to DD, and they start doing business with you directly, when you beat him at the comps he calls DD and talks about you are trying to take his business, BUYER - BE VERY AWARE!!!!!!!



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Jun 3, 2010
BFE Illinois
ik that this is a long time after the origional post was made but, i think alpha omega has come a loong way, they are the nearest shop to where i live but everything i see come out of that place is amazing. I see soo many people come in from sprinngfeild to buy things or get installs done because they do better work then sundown one and benchmark. i got close to $900 worth of vibe audio speakers for $450 (partly because he needed somebody to represent the brand for him) and i got what would have been a $600 install in springfeild for $200. I talked to my freind Steve who used to live in Denver and he only had good things to say about the place as opposed to the place he used to go in Denver (Car Toys) they did the re-wiring in his car and some sound proofing for $300 and he got it quoted @ other places at $750. also they are about to move into a new building and Mike (the owner) has informed me that they will be carrying many more different brands of product once they make the move.


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