Adire Audio Brahma MKII Noise


Dec 28, 2011
Misawa AB, Japan
I bought a pair of used 12" Brahma MKII subs a few months back. When I hooked them up, the one had a slight noise to it. At low volumes it wasn't really noticeable but with the volume turned up it was definitely noticeable. The noise sounded like the dust cap was a little loose (slight "ticking"). I checked it out and the cap is secure. I pushed down on the cone to see if there was any noise/coil rub but there wasn't. I did notice there was excess glue from where the cone meets the spider ( at the 1 O'clock, 6 O'clock, and 7 O'clock positions) and the glue is pretty hard. If I put a little pressure on the spider near those areas, when the sub is playing, the noise would go away. The spider is not cut in any areas. The Brahma is otherwise in very good condition. Is there anything I can do to fix the noise? Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Attached are pictures of the glue on the cone/spider. Apologies for the zip files but the regular pictures were too big.


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