5 channel amp that won't break the bank

Lancelot Link SecretChimp

CarAudio.com Newbie
Aug 8, 2019
Billings, Montana
I am looking for a good amp for a small system. I like my bass to thump, but I do not need competition sound or volume. I liked the sound and volume I was getting before my amp was damaged due to cargo destroyed the rca hook ups.
I have an Alpine 9872 deck, Infinity Reference 6832 60 watt rms x4 door speakers, and an Alpine 10" Baseline sub mounted on a sealed box. The amp I was running was an Infinity Reference 5350 5 channel 50watt rms x4 + 150watt rms x1.
I listen to a lot of different genres of music, but i do not listen to rap, and very little hip hop.
Any suggestions on an amp for my current system?


Team Lethal Pressure
10+ year member
Jan 22, 2010
I don't think you are going to find a new 5 channel that is decent for $150.

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