2019 F 150 Infinity speaker cutting out


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Feb 3, 2020
Hi all,
New to the forum, and having a weird problem after installing Infinity aftermarket speakers in my 2019 F150. I replaced all the factory speakers except the center. New tweeters (infinity REF-375tx) in the A pillar (with an included crossover), new threeway 6x9's (Infinity Kappa 93IX) in the door and new Infinity 6.5s in the rear door. Factory head unit, running music through wired Apple Car Play. It's a huge improvement over stock.

The issue I'm having is that at high volume (25 or higher on a 30 scale from the head unit) during certain songs (loud, rock songs, but not all of them) it seems like the 6x9 cuts out for a very short time. Only the driver's door and only at high volume in certain songs. I tore everything apart and made sure the wires were attached well, the harness was locked and nothing was pinched. I cannot be positive it's the tweeter or the 6x9 but I lose both when it cuts out. My question is, does anyone think this could be a wiring problem, or would you point more to one of the tweeters or the 6x9 and I should just get a replacement for one or both? I ruled out the wiring harness (supplied from Crutchfield) being an issue as it is ONLY on certain songs, but maybe that's not correct? Or does it make sense to cut out the crossover for the tweeter and try that (thinking maybe it's 'overpowering' it)? I just installed them this weekend and purchased them all from Crutchfield. Any help is appreciated and I look forward to getting more ideas to upgrade this system as I go from the forum, but the first step was to get something better than the factory speakers...

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