2015 Tacoma help


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Sep 28, 2019
Fontana California
Hey y’all thanks in advance! Here’s my deal, started my own business this summer and traded in a truck I really loved for this Taco that’s properly set up for my work. Decided to upgrade factory speakers to MTX Terminator 6x9 did myself thanks crutchfield. Well that completely eliminated all bass from my shit, just really clean highs. Went to a shop and they sold me a 2 channel amp to bring some heat. When I picked up it sounded like shit and dude claimed 1 needs dynamat 2 these speakers are meant for a box 3 did I install 6x9 correctly? Not gonna lie I was pissed and buzzin (waited at a restaurant had beer and bomb food while waiting) so I said I’d come back later. Went to another shop to get their thoughts and they recommended a 4 channel amp for the 6x9 and move the 2 channel to a woofer for bass. Claimed these speakers are not for bass only recommend for highs. Will blow quickly for bass. Didn’t want to add a sub or would have kept stock speakers and gotten the sub. So now I’m in deeper than I wanted to but oh well boys let’s do this. If I upgrade head unit and keep 6x9 for highs can I add sub with existing amp? Or would I need the amp for the highs regardless?

Would like to keep factory touch screen and steering wheel controls and blue tooth so with that in mind would a 4 channel to the highs and a sub for the 2 channel my best bet? Found a Pioneer touch screen for a great price and it has its own blue tooth and “steering wheel control ready” so I’m open to upgrading. Also have a spare steering wheel control factory adapter from old build left over. If it will work.

Did not want to invest this much thought $60 worth of shit would be a nice upgrade. But here I am and oh well. Hopefully this lil truck lasts forever and I’ll be beatin my way to success.

Sorry for the novel but also, stereo now makes obnoxious sound after amp install. I know some noise is to be expected but this is whack. Any thoughts would be also appreciate. God bless y’all! Thanks!!

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