2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Issues


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Mar 31, 2019
I have a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I've replaced the factory RER radio 3 times, all 3 quit with the same symptoms. The radio just goes into a boot loop. researching on the web, I guess it is a common issue with these radios. So this last time I decided to install an after market radio from Crutchfield. This was a disaster, with the CAN BUS device from Crutchfield installed in the Jeep it caused the dash board to go crazy. Every warning light was on. the Tach bounced from zero to redline non stop. Every service warning was constantly flashing in the dash. When I remove the CAN BUS  device the dash returns to normal. Crutchfield tried swapping out all the parts, unfortunately nothing worked.

I then decided to take the Jeep to a professional radio guy who had similar results. He was able to get the radio installed and working, however the little blue box he installed to make the steering wheel buttons work started causing the death to go hay wire again. I removed the blue box and all seemed well. The radio worked great and the dash was normal.  About two weeks later the radio started randomly shutting off with with a clicking noise coming from the radio. I slid the radio out and noticed the following.

It appears the power from the radio is being pulled from my switched 12V accessory plug. The radio guy must of run a cluster of wires to the back of the Jeep to connect to the factory amplifier. There is a relay wired in, which is what I am assuming is the clicking noise. It is an installBay 12VDC 30/40A, NC30A, NO40A.

I did plus a phone charger into the same accessory plug to verify that power remained when the radio powered off and it does, so I am assuming maybe the relay is faulty? 

Any thoughts or suggestions? What would this relay be used for?



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Mar 14, 2019
No clue, just a standard 5 pin 12v relay. Sounds like someone hacked and whacked it up before you and only a good installer who knows that vehicle will be able to make hide or hair of it. Where are you located?


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