1. Zeltergiest

    Enclosure Suggestions for Two 18's.

    I have two Zv4 18's freshly reconed and now I'm trying to do some research for the best possible enclosure that will suit my goals. In case it matters, Sundown tooled basket, NSV2 coil, Zv6 Spider. My main goal is to be able to play lows with authority and move as much air as possible. I've...
  2. C

    Sundown zv4 12"

    I have a good condition sundown zv4 12" with the original recipt and the original box that I'm wanting to get rid of, reason being is I'm just looking for an upgrade, I bought it new for $652.00 and am trying to sell it for 550 or trade for 1 or 2 18s, the sub isn't old at all I bought it this...
  3. O

    Zv4 4th Order Specs

    I'll soon be building a C-Pillar 4th order for (4) Zv4 12" Rev. 1s on (4) DD M3bs in an '08 Chevy Trailblazer. I've already decided on a 2:1 ratio, but I'm having trouble finding accurate info for my sealed section. Some have said 1.5 cubes per while others have said 1.25 cubes per. So, I open...
  4. B

    4 ZV4 12 Trunk Ground Pounder Flatline 7k Build

    Alright, I blew 2 subs at SBN 2014 and decided to come back bigger. The goal is to get as loud and low as possible. This will be a cone area ground pounding trunk setup with 4 ZV4 12's. I am building this completely out of the trunk if you can believe it. I will accomplish this by making it with...

    Sundown X or Z 12's on 1400 watts per sub

    Sorry wrong section
  6. B

    2 Zv4 12s

    BOX Specs needed for 2 12 inzv4s as I plan on purchasing today. Sealed: Ported:
  7. C

    Question about the Zv4 15's. NEED HELP.

    Alright, so I've just got a quick question for you guys. So, currently I am sporting 2 Zv3 15's in a custom built box in my Scion TC running off an SAZ3500 at 1 ohm. The box is 6.9 cubes net, has 96 inches of port area, port length of 21 inches, and is tuned to ~34hz. My Z's are loving the box...